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Anti Vibration Table

Anti-vibration Table

The natsyco Anti-Vibration Table helps provide a stable surface and reduces vibrations, shock and outside influences effecting devices placed on the granite working surface. Designed for the laboratory or metrology room the anti-vibration table is ergonomically styled yet built for durability.


These workstations are designed for heavy instruments such as electron microscopes, which require high degrees of isolation from vibrations. They comprise a highly rigid platform supported on a sturdy isolation frame fitted with levelling feet. The resultant plate has excellent compliance characteristics and its rigidity is suitable for supporting large loads up to 70kg.


• Large working surface of 500mm x 500mm

• Easy to set up light weight aluminium frame

• Adjustable levelling feet for uneven surfaces

• Scratch resistant granite slab

• Polished finish



The table comprises parts:


590 x 590 x 1350  mm3

Overall Dimensions (w x d x h)

500 x 500 mm2

Work Surface Dimensions


Weight of Work Surface


Total Weight






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